A Super Sticky, Functional & Ultra Versatile Adhesive Surface Designed to Secure your Possessions Anywhere and Help You Stay Organised.

Why You'll Love
Cling nanoPADS!

Nano Suction.

Greater Adhesion.

Smaller than the naked eye can see, our new improved Nano Suction Technology harnesses the power of millions of extremely fine suction cups on the pad's surface giving it superior adhesion in a wider range of applications.

Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads
Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads

All New Colours

Black and Clear

Looking for a more discrete way to mount your phone, hang your keys, or secure that photoframe? Our Cling nanoPADS now come in two colour options, Black and Clear, giving you the option to standout or blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

More Secure

Than Ever Before

On non-porous surfaces our Cling nanoPADS can safely hold the weight of most household objects. From securing your rug in place, hanging a picture frame to your wall, or simply having a place to store your keys, Cling nanoPADS are the perfect tool!  

Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads
Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads

Improved Durability

With Increased Flexibility and Improved Durability, Cling nanoPADS can be bent, stretched, wrapped, and reused whilst retaining their adhesive capabilities for longer.

Damage-FREE Removal

Gone are the days of repairing damage caused by wall hooks or cleaning nasty residue marks left by inferior alternatives. Cling nanoMATS easily peel off the wall leaving the surface in its original tiptop condition.

Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads
Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads

Reusable Over 1000X

Reuse our latest Cling nanoPADS over 1000 times! All it takes is a simple rinse and air dry. NO cleaning equipment required! and better yet NO nasty chemicals necessary! 

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly,


We understand the importance of personal safety and environmental sustainability.  That's why all our nano pads are Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly, and completely Recyclable*.

Cling adhesive nano suction gel pads


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