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*Seasonal Sale* *Shipping Update - Estimated Shipping 25/01/2019*


Secure Anything, Anywhere with Cling nanoSTRIPS! Combining our latest developments in Nano Suction Technology and All New Sizing Cling nanoSTRIPS can safely secure your Possessions to almost Anything! 


From fixing photo frames to your wall, sticking your phone to the car dash, securing cables, or simply being a place to hang your keys, our strips provide a durable, reusable, and longer lasting super sticky surface for things to cling!


*Contains 16 X Cling nanoSTRIPS. Standard shipping times vary based on location. Important: Ships in 1-2 Days. Average Delivery Times = 10 Business Days

16 X Cling nanoSTRIPS | HOME PACK

  • Strong

    On non-porous surfaces Cling's Nano Suction Technology can safely hold the weight of most household objects.



    Developed for use in a range of environments Cling Gel Pads will work in most temperatures, high to low.



    Cling Gel Pads are non-toxic, eco friendly, and safe for everyday use. It's also re-useable up to 1000 times!


    Perfect Size

    Cling Gel Pads come pre cut in the best sizes for everyday applications.


    Can Be Cut

    Need a specific size for a special application? Cling's Nano Suction Technology can be easily cut to fit the job.


    *Shipping to Mexico NOT available

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